Working With Mentor Karen

Mentor Karen is a member of the Global Freedom Builders team.

The Mentors of the Global Freedom Builders are a group of mentors and business builders using the Mentoring For Free training and lead generation system.

Working with Mentor Karen gives you access to a group of mentors who have a diverse array of talents and business strengths.  We are located all throughout the world and have a command of several languages including English, Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, French and Hebrew.


Karen and her fellow Mentors will offer you

  • countless resources,
  • thousands of hours of business and personal development training, and
  • unlimited access to personal mentoring from a live person who is currently experiencing MLM Network Marketing business building success. 

You will learn how to

  • work smarter,
  • conduct yourself online as a business professional, and
  • build a unique online presence as an industry leader.

Your Success is up to YOU!

  • Your Belief in Yourself
  • Your Commitment to Working Hard on Business Activities Consistently
  • Your Dedication to being Coach-able and Participating in your Personalized Training and Coaching program.


We do this all for free.  But what you get is priceless.
Our time is valuable.

If you are serious about taking advantage of the best, most comprehensive and value-packed MLM Network Marketing business training available, and are not afraid of talking to a real Mentor who doesn’t have her hand in your back pocket, then download the ebook now.


Why Mentoring For Free?
What do we get out of helping other home based business builders for free?

We are all just like you.
We are each in a Network Marketing Business. We each struggled for a time until finding Mentoring For Free.

Now that I, along with my fellow mentors, have learned the skills to be successful, I am returning the favor by helping others.

To learn more about Mentor Karen and some of the mentors in Global Freedom Builders, check out Prepare To Achieve Success!

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