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MLM Frustration Busters – What’s Your Best First Sentence?

Saturday Morning Skills Webinar

Have you been to a Tom Big Al Workshop yet?


Forget the close, forget the presentation!

If your first sentence doesn’t grab their attention, you’re pretty much dead.

  • What’s your best first sentence to introduce your product?
  • What’s your best first sentence to talk to prospects?
  • What’s your best first sentence to start your presentation?

If your answer to any of these was “Oh, I don’t know … “then you’ve got a problem, right?

You can fix that problem right now by learning the technology of first sentences.

One of the many skills Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter teaches us in ‘Super Sponsoring with Big Al‘ is how to create better
first sentences that appeal to your prospects.

Listen to Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter describe how you can make the most of those very important first thirty seconds …
Tom’s First Sentences

You’ll want to join us and hear Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter teach this powerful skill in “Super Sponsoring with Big Al!”

Saturday March 31
12:55 pm ET

Register for the interactive webinar “Super Sponsoring with Big Al Part 1!”
For access information, send off an email to
Please be sure to mention Karen Miller as your inviter.

Saturday Evening Skills Tele-Seminar

Saturdays we have 2 amazing training sessions.  The first teleseminar addresses MLM basic know-how so You learn to Know How you can make the money you’ve planned on with your company.  The second is a personal, fireside chat on personal development topics.

Business Models Drive the Behavior in the Field

March 31th
8:55 pm ET

Some people start marketing their Network Marketing business with totally generic methods.

Some people get really frustrated when “one size fits all” marketing doesn’t bring a check to their mailboxes.

Some people have discovered that by reading and understanding their Compensation Plan, they find out what kind of Business Model their company has, and start marketing according to what behavior their company pays them for.

To unravel this mystery, simply send an email to


Saturday Coaches Corner Call

Personal Development is one of the Cornerstones of developing yourself as a business leader.  This call is unique in that You can have an intimate chat with a small group of fellow, like-minded network marketers on the week’s Mental Cleanse lessons.

March 31st
10:30 pm ET


Special Friday Webinar

MLM Skills Anyone Can Master

A weekly series on learning & achieving success in Multi-Level Marketing through the application of easily learned SKILLS-

-This week we will teach you HOW to SHARE your Business Opportunity in ONE MINUTE—60 Seconds!!….I dare you to come & join us!

My good friend and fellow mentor, Matt Geib, will be hosting this webinar.
March 30th
5:30 pm PT (different time zone than the MFF trainings above.)

Please Register Here.


I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

Any questions, please call!  1.541.484.5455 PT

Your Friend and Mentor,
Karen Miller
Skype me!  karen.j.miller


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Network Marketing – a Safe and Easy Stay-At-Home Job

Network Marketing - Work From Home

I just ran across this article on Yahoo Finance that talked about Safe and Easy Ways to Find Stay-At-Home Jobs.

The article focuses mostly on stay at home moms who have found freelancing jobs.  These are great options to put your career skills to work for you at home.

I found, though, that they didn’t mention anything about Network Marketing or Affiliate sales (which is how most people who are blogging for bucks make money).

Network Marketing is a great option for many people to make extra money from home.


You don’t need any special skills as long as you are willing and motivated to learn.


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MLM Frustration Busters – You Are Not Alone


You Are Not Alone in Network Marketing

Soon Winter will be drawing to a close and the trees and flowers will be blooming. Most of us will start dreaming again about those family vacations we’d like to take and how nice it would be to be able to pay off those monthly bills in full every month.

Would you like to do something about it?

Now is the time to pick up the pace in working your Network Marketing business. I just found out that our brains are already wired to focus on 30-Day, 60-Day, and most of all, 90-Day Runs!

As a refresher, a Run is when you make an ‘advertising’ or promotion plan and you commit to completing all of the activities every day. It helps you build momentum and gets your face & link in front of a lot of eyeballs.

Are YOU Worth Your Time?

Spending your time on building yourself is one of the most valuable expenditures you will make in your lifetime! Have you ever heard of Your First Year in Network Marketing by Mark Yarnell?

I recently listened to an audio of him and here is a bit of what I learned:

Finish these old sayings…

  • “Money is the root of all ____”
  • “It’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to pass through the gates of _____”
  • “It’s lonely at the _____”
  • “Some people are just in the right place at the right _____”
  • “Do not store up treasures on _______”

If you were able to finish these statements, then your brain is already programmed for negative paradigms about wealth. You are wired not to believe wealth is a good thing.

Read more of this article here.

Are you spending your time on reprogramming your mind to think and believe in your network marketing success? Make certain you are spending a set amount of time each day reading or listening to personal development material.

Business Management

Here we are, living already busy lives with barely enough time to get the laundry done. Then we got the bright idea to add building a business from home to our already busy schedules.

How on earth are we supposed to fit in those networking activities?

The answer may come in the disguise of a Reverse Calendar. This isn’t something you go buy at your local Home Office store. And you don’t need to download it off the internet.

  1. You grab a page in your Journal and start keeping track of all of your activities for an entire week.
  2. You write down everything…from when you get up, when you eat, when you are driving, running errands and watching TV. Include everything!
  3. At the end of the week, review what you have written down.

Keep an eye out for all of the times you are doing non-essential activities that you could give up. Watching television is an obvious one. Chatting it up with co-workers at lunch time is one time waster that might not be as apparent.

Once you have found all of those times you can give up your current activities, start planning business building activities in those time slots!

Prospecting Pointers

If you’ve found a 20 minute slot during say, lunchtime, that you can devote to your business, you might give Better Networker a try.

Before taking on networking activites on a site like Better Networker, please re-read chapter 10 in Success In 10 Steps, Focus Until Your Eyes Cross. It is very easy to get distracted by all the adds and pitching going on at sites like Better Networker. If you get too side tracked, you might as well go back to gossiping with the co-workers.

To hear all the How To steps to using Better Networker, here’s the Mentoring For Free Thursday Advertising training call I did.

Healthy Habits

Ever notice waking up feeling like your tank is empty or you’re just not feeling well? Is the first thing you drink in the morning your coffee?

Did you know when we wake up in the morning we are in a state of dehydration?

Give this a try…drink about 16 ounces of water when you wake up in the morning. Do this before your coffee or breakfast. Go on & get ready for your day and you just might start feeling like million bucks sooner than you can say cup o’ Joe!

Mental Cleanse

Imagine participating in a MasterMind Group that focuses directly on personal growth and building participants to become Leaders. How would it feel?

Your chance to find out is right here!

Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter

Tom’s workshops are some of the most popular, entertaining, inspiring and educational Network Marketing mini events going on today. Best of all they are generic!

Find out when Tom is coming to your area!
{March workshops include Houston, TX, Las Vegas, NV, Lake Tahoe, NV, Los Angeles, CA, Kailua, HI & Honolulu, HI!}

Can’t get to a workshop but would love to learn Tom’s skills? Get in contact with me and I am happy to share with you the access info for the free generic webinars we do every Saturday at 1 pm EST.

Believe In Your Success, I Do!
Karen Miller
Skype me!
1.541.484.5455 PST

Would it be OK if I showed you how to take the Frustration out of Network Marketing?

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Be a Real Person Online

One of the sites Network Marketers use to promote themselves is Twitter.

Network Marketing is a People Business, so it is important to present yourself as a real person.


2 Minute Network Marketing Tip…Be a Real Person

Twitter enables users to send direct messages to their followers.

You are limited to 140 characters, so you must be brief and to the point.

Being “to the point” does not mean throwing your business opportunity in front of people.

Always offer value.

1.  Use Your real name

2.  Use Your real photograph

3.  Invite people to your social network site, like Facebook, or your blog.


Believe In Your Success, I Do!

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Success Self Affirmations for the MLM Newbie

Everybody says that Network Marketing is the best self development business to get into.

Most people who have no business background yet start a home based business, usually have a lot of work to do on their personal development and self belief.





One of the first steps a newbie in MLM (or any other kind of home based business) does is create a positive self talk or self affirmation.

The purpose of self talk is to convince oneself that he/she is successful, confident, healthy, wealthy, etc.

It is a daily exercise in changing your belief system.  If you believe in your ability to be successful in growing your business, then you will be successful.


Many people want to be successful and go forth with starting a business, but subconsciously they do not believe they can be successful.




We must understand the law of nature in that our subconscious mind rules our conscious mind!  This includes our emotions. 

Only the dominant thoughts, beliefs and emotions in our subconscious mind will prevail.  Our success, wealth and happiness depend on our subconscious.

The only way to control our subconscious mind is through constant daily self talk (self affirmations) and mental exercises and habits.



  • You must say your self talk every single day from the time you wake up in the morning until you go to bed at night.
  • Say it at least 100 times a day.
  • When you go to bed, focus on your self talk and your goals.
  • Actively visualize yourself having what you want.


Many newbies to MLM continue to have a lack of success with their self talk and business building.

If a person’s belief is extremely damaged he has to start his personal road to recovery with very small baby steps.

Self talk will not work if you are constantly creating opposition in your mind!






If a person says:

  • I am healthy.
  • I am wealthy.
  • I am successful.

but has so much negative subconscious programming that they cannot truly believe they are healthy, wealthy, and successful, it will never happen!

It is like the kitten in the mirror being told by her sponsors to “Believe you are a lion!” or say “I am a lion!”  But the kitten’s belief is so opposite to those statements, becoming the lion will never happen.






What if the kitten can’t get the subconscious image out of her head that she is stuck in a fishbowl?

For a person having trouble getting around their negative programming, they can say simply

  • health
  • wealth
  • success

And that is it!
Get the belief in the words into the subconscious first.

Eventually, if followed through with, the person will feel more confidence and belief in their ability to be healthy, wealthy, and successful.

Then it will be time to use statements with “I am…” in them for self talk.

The road to personal development can be a long and winding road for some people.  It can also feel scary and treacherous.

You don’t have to do this alone!

Your success also depends on having mentors who will believe in you until you can believe in yourself!



Believe in Your Success, I Do!


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What Facebook Groups to Join

One of the activities Network Marketers engage in on Facebook is joining groups.

When your purpose is to network with other people involved in MLM who you may want to attract to your business, you want to join groups relating to network marketing and MLM.






You can also join groups whose interest is a particular company or specific lead generation system.

With these groups, the hope is to connect with others who may be struggling to make money in the company they are with.

Groups focused on more general topics like self development, internet marketing, or women in business, will have more members who are not involved in MLM.

While valuable for personal growth and learning, these groups are not as appropriate for finding potential business partners. 

You want to join groups that are active.  Those should end up at the top of your search list.

Look for number of members and see if people have joined recently.

Look on the group’s site and see if the group owner posts events and discussions on a fairly regular basis.






Once you join a group, pay attention to the messages the group sends you.

About once a week is enough, otherwise it gets too time consuming and annoying. 

Are they sending valuable content to help you solve your problems or are they spamming you for their opportunity?

If groups annoy you with their messages or event invitations, or don’t do anything at all (messaging encourages activity from other members) then leave the group.

Periodically go through your groups and leave the ones you are not active in or ones that are not growing or offering content.

Remember, your time is money. 

As an entrepreneur building a business from home…probably part time along with all of your other life’s demands…you cannot afford to waste time.


Believe in Your Success, I Do!


“The Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their Dreams.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

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Facebook Changes Impact Privacy

Well, Facebook is at it again!

In an effort to enhance user experience, Facebook has implemented changes that will make a lot of our information and activities public.

I don’t particularly like Facebook making decisions about what I put in my profile public.

But it is their sandbox, and they let me play there for free.




I have written before about guarding your personal information on Facebook and other similar sites.

Too often, people new to Network Marketing, or other types of home based businesses, start marketing their business using an already existing profile where they have been keeping up with family and friends.

Or if they’re like me, their first profile was for their business.  They were having fun and started adding family and friends along with business contacts.




If you are seriously building a business network on a social site, you will quickly have over 1,000 contacts.  After that, this number will grow and take on a life of its own.

Most of your family and friends are not interested in your business activities.

Your business contacts are not very interested in your personal pursuits.  They simply do not have the time.

So if you don’t already have two profiles…one personal and one business…get busy and create another profile.

I would create one for your personal contacts and ask them to friend you on your new profile. 

People who know you personally are more likely to friend you again than are business contacts.  There again…not enough time.

Once you have your personal contacts on your new profile, delete them from your old profile…the one you are going to use strictly for business.

You have to remember that once you start building a large business network, you don’t want people who you know only casually having a glimpse into your private life and the lives of your family and friends.


The other important task is to clean up your profile.




You really have to be careful of the information you put on your profile.

You are on social networking sites to build your business network…your contacts don’t need to know all of your personal information.

Share just enough about yourself to make you a real person others can identify with….but not enough an identity thief can use to make your life miserable.

One of the changes Facebook is making is to automatically place you in groups or fan pages based on your interests.

We generally list only a few key interests in that section in order to relate to each other as real people.

Someone is more likely to do business with you when they share common ground.




However, being automatically connected to random groups of people based on your gardening or bowling interests can wreck havoc.

Your personal information is shared with people you would not normally connect with.

Then you have to deal with all of the extra messages and posts in your Newsfeed from these groups.

I personally like to keep my Newsfeed clear to keep up on what my contacts are sharing.

If you happen to be put in particularly active groups, just imagine how cluttered your inbox can get!


So just be aware of what is in your profile and how you may have to clear out some information.

Time is at a premium for our marketing time.  It is easy to spend too much time on social networks.

Don’t get caught up in all the extra activity Facebook may be sending your way.


Believe in Your Success, I Do!

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People Get Ready

I am so inspired and touched by MY American Idol favorite, Crytal Bowersox’s performance of “People Get Ready”, I had to look up the lyrics.



Music and poetry so often touch our souls on such an emotional and spiritual level, that no other message can make such an impact.

In Network Marketing/MLM, average people enter the entrepreneurial dream land of starting our own home based businesses. 


We are a tribe of amateurs. 


If we are committed to succeed and stick with the business, we need training in every aspect of business from lead generation to personal development.

We often come to the arena loaded with doubts and preconceived notions of how we should go about growing our businesses.

The best way to overcome our doubts is through personal development.  This not only includes reading from the standard library of self improvement business gurus.  We also need to saturate our lives with positive and inspiring stories, music, art, whatever touches us.


So, as part of my own inspirational library, I will share with you the lyrics to


“People Get Ready”
by Curtis Mayfield

” People get ready
There’s a train a-coming
You don’t need no baggage
You just get on board
All you need is faith
To hear the diesels humming
Don’t need no ticket
You just thank the Lord

People get ready
For the train to Jordan
Picking up passengers
From coast to coast
Faith is the key
Open the doors and board them
There’s room for all
among the loved the most

There ain’t no room
for the hopeless sinner
Who would hurt all mankind just
To save his own
Have pity on those
whose chances are thinner
Cause there’s no hiding place
From the Kingdom’s Throne

So people get ready
for the train a-comin’
You don’t need no baggage
you just get on board !
All you need is faith
to hear the diesels humming
Don’t need no ticket
you just thank, you just thank the Lord



I’m getting ready
I’m getting ready
this time I’m ready
this time I’m ready”


Believe In Your Success, I Do!

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Think the Economy is Too Bad For Your Business to be Successful


I saw a bumper sticker this morning that really turned a light on for me.




Think about this for a moment.


Don’t our beliefs in the economy and life in general have some affect on how successful we are?  Or at least on our perception of how successful we are?


I was talking to a lady recently who was interested in starting a home-based business.

She had downloaded my free ebook, Success In 10 Steps, a Network Marketers guide to success in MLM.

She wanted to learn more about the industry before jumping in.  Smart move.

After chatting awhile, she shared her doubts in starting a business right now because of the down turned economy.



She thought the economy was so bad that nobody could afford the products.  Any products from any company.  She just didn’t believe that people had the money to spare.


Ding!  Ding!


My new contact had hit upon a very important belief system that stands in the way of many people becoming successful with their home based businesses.

It is in such contradiction with the fact that the Network Marketing Industry tends to boom during times of financial crisis.

The crucial point to be made here is that a person’s belief is what drives their choices, success, and energies.



We are in charge of our own realities.


You will be successful if you believe you are successful.

You will be successful if you believe that you deserve to be successful.

You will be successful in building your home-based business—whether it’s direct sales or MLM—if you believe the economy is healthy and people can afford your product.


Napoleon Hill reminds us that “Our thoughts are things”.


We can believe our reality into existence, even if it takes just a simple bumper sticker to help us declare it to the world.

You will be successful if you believe in positive thoughts and affirmations and practice them multiple times a day.


Believe in Your Success, I Do!

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Are You Using Firehosing as Your Prospecting Method ?


We are taught many different ways to talk to prospects in the hopes of bringing people into our business opportunity.

Many times we are told to be enthusiastic.

I remember being told once that if I wasn’t having success, I wasn’t enthusiastic enough or I didn’t have a strong enough belief.

A lot of people are taught the method of Firehosing.




Firehosing is when you spray your prospect with an enormous amount of facts and enthusiasm for your opportunity.

This approach is so forceful, that you drive more people away than you attract. 

Even though you see this happening, you have probably been told that the ones fleeing the scene just weren’t interested and you need to keep finding more people.

There is limited truth in that.  Of course, not everyone you speak to will be a prospect for your opportunity.

But you should be having some success in what you are doing.  If you feel like you are turning people off, you probably are.


When Lee Iacocca became President of Chrysler, he asked an important question:

“What does the customer want?” 


This principle is easily applied to Network Marketing.

When we approach a lead about our opportunity, it is important to find out what they want!

The big mistake is being so arrogant in thinking that your lead wants or needs what you have.


No one likes to have things pushed down their throats.

Not politics.
Not religion.
Not parenting techniques.
And certainly not business decisions.


How do you know what your prospect wants or needs?

In Harry Browne’s The Secret of Selling Anything, he tells you.





Learn the skill of asking the right questions and then listen to what your prospect has to say.

Once you know what your prospect wants you will be able to tailor your presentation and services accordingly.

Be careful not to give too much information all at once.  You will be confusing your prospect and you will create doubt in his mind.

Answer the first question or need.

Then, ask again, Is there anything else you want to know?

Creating a two way dialogue is more natural and feels more relaxed for your prospect.  People often take months to make a decision to join an opportunity.

Be patient, communicate, and turn off the hose.


Believe in Your Success, I Do!

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