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Interested in Endless Prequalified Leads??


Recently I have been getting a ton of calls—recorded calls, no less!—offering to sell me endless prequalified leads for my MLM home based business.

They are using web harvesters to pick my phone number and other contact information off of my website.

I don’t mind being called by people.  After all, that is why my number is posted here.

But I do want to talk to real live people and I do not like being pitched.

Believe me, once I hear it is a pitch, I hang up!  If you are a real person calling with a pitch and expect me to return your call, I won’t.


It is best to generate your own leads. 

  1. Network with like minded people who are already interested in MLM. 
  2. Offer something of value for free that will help your contacts in building their businesses.
  3. Build relationships with your network.


Of the people you help, a handful will likely want to join you in your business.

  1. These people know, like, and trust you.
  2. They are motivated and coachable.
  3. You know they will be committed business builders.


This is the essence of
“Work Smarter, Not Harder.”


Build your business with these people and you will have a low attrition rate, a smaller group of people to train and support, and a group of people making good income for themselves and You.

If you think buying leads is a good way to build your business, listen to this recording from my mentor, Michael Dlouhy.

Selling Leads Is a Scam.


Believe In Your Success, I Do!

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