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Most home based business professionals who blog or otherwise have websites for their businesses are aware of the FTC Disclosure requirements passed earlier this year.





If you in any way, shape or form make money or have the potential to make money from content on your site, you have to disclose that to your readers.

This includes affiliate links or buttons and any kind of review you post on a product or service that you received compensation for.

Compensation could be receipt of a sample or actual payment for doing a review.

I found a terrific resource from that helps bloggers and website owners comply with the FTC Disclosure requirements.

Their four solutions programs are for Bloggers, Brands, Agencies, and Affiliate Marketing.

When you sign up for a free account with, register your site and then choose the type of disclosure you need.






The site has easy to understand explanations of which disclosure you need for which kind of activity you are doing.


  • Post contains author’s own opinions and he has not been paid or has no material connection.  Author may receive unrelated payment.
  • Post based upon a review copy or sample.  Author is not paid but did receive an item related to post.
  • Post based on a sample or gift received that author was not paid for.
  • Post based on an advertising relationship and author has been paid.
  • Author is an employee or a shareholder.
  • Author has included affiliate links on her site.
  • Custom disclosure allows author to create a disclosure that is not covered in the previous 6 disclosures.

{information excerpted from Blogger Solutions.}  



They also give you tips on whether a disclosure can be in your sidebar or if it needs to be directly in the post.


It is well worth your time and effort to take advantage of this free service if you rely heavily on your blog or other website as a form of income.

Believe In Your Success, I Do!

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Facebook Friend Blunders

One of the marketing platforms we often use in promoting our network marketing businesses online is social networks.

Facebook and MySpace are likely the most popular…and free…social networking sites on the web.

There are other sites, and although they have a more targeted membership, they aren’t as globally large and well known.

Sometimes when making friend connections on Facebook and MySpace, we may blunder and connect with people who are not the best business contacts.



The most effective way to friend people who have the same interests in network marketing is to join groups focused on network marketing, MLM, generating leads, and online marketing.

From the groups’ membership, we make connections with others who probably share our interests in building a home based business.

Most of the time, friendship requests are approved without hardly getting to know the other person.

We make initial cordial thank you-s for the friend connection, then move on to other activities.

After making thousands of connections, it is easy to overlook people in your network who are not appropriate business associates.

As I have written before, when building your business on Facebook, or other social network sites, you need to keep your profile focused for business building.

All other activities need to be kept on your personal profile.

It’s too easy to waste time on social network sites.  To effectively build a home based business part time, you must be disciplined with your time management.

As you go through your Newsfeed, Messages, Event & Group Invitations, and “Other” Requests, it will become easy to find friend blunders.

These will be people who actually are not as interested in building their network marketing business on the same professional level as you are.

With a 5,000 friend limit on Facebook, it is wise to perform a Friend Cleanse every so often.

Follow the clues.



No Comprendo. 


We often friend people from different countries and cultures.  However, if their only language they use on Facebook is their native dialect, and you don’t speak it, what’s the point?

It is wise to suggest them as a friend to one of your teammates who does speak their language and then un-friend them.


Wanna Play?


There are people who do business networking and want to engage their contacts in games, like Mafia Wars or Farmville.

These games are fun and very addicting.  Hours are easily wasted every day on these games.

Serious business builders simply do not have the time to play these games frivolously.  The invitations to play are clutter and time consuming.

Contacts spending more time on games than they spend on effective networking activities may not be interested in building and may not be interested in what you have to offer.


Dodge Ball!


You will find some of your contacts are so busy promoting their groups and events that they show up several times a week or even daily.

You end up getting hit with their promotions so much you feel like you’re in a game of Dodge Ball.

These people are so busy doing their thing that they are probably not paying attention to what you are doing or what anyone else is doing.

You have to decide whether it is worth putting up with their activity stream to  keep them in your contacts hoping they will eventually get worn out and take advantage of what you have to offer.

Or they may never stop playing their Dodge Ball game to notice that you unfriended them.


The Big Dogs.


There are many Network Marketers we connect with who are already successful in their businesses.

They are there to build and will never join a small part-timer whose main goal is to make about $1000 a month.

So why network with these Big Dogs?

If they actually are offering valuable training and inspiration that benefits you, then keep the connection.

If you’re not gaining any knowledge from their friendship, then unfriend them to make room for someone you can have a mutually beneficial relationship with.



Just Not There.


Sometimes we connect with someone from an MLM or similar interest group and we later find out that they are not really interested in the business at all.

We may not have looked at their profile closely enough and not realized that they have nothing on their profile to indicate any business activities.

There are those who you may tag in a note or video and they leave very negative comments behind.

They are not just disagreeing with your point of view, they are bashing you and MLM.

Unfriend them immediately before they do damage to your image.



The Soapbox.


The last group of people to closely evaluate are the ones who voice their personal opinions about religion, politics, or current events to the point of being obnoxious.

Business is business.  There is no place in a professional business setting to heavily declare personal views.

People who use their profiles to promote their personal agendas are not likely going to make good business contacts.

Unfriend them from your business profile.  If you share their opinions, then invite them to be friends on your personal profile.


It’s Business.


Keep in mind that your decisions on who you keep as a contact on your Facebook business profile are entirely based on good business.

There is nothing personal about it.

If others unfriend you, they may not share your interest or find value in what you are offering.

That is OK.  You cannot please everyone.  Your goal has to be to appeal to the majority of people in your target niche.

Constantly revise your friend’s list and your activities on Facebook to polish your business presence.

This is how you will attract success focused people to you.


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Ezine Articles 4th HAHD Challenge

Ezine Articles is giving us another opportunity to challenge our literary and marketing skills with the 4th Hundred Articles in a Hundred Days Challenge.




Participating in this challenge is a valuable chance to increase your web presence while polishing your writing and keyword skills.

Why is it important to write?

When you are using the internet to market your home based business, you will need to have a web presence that shows your value as a leader.

These days, when most people want to know something, they turn to the internet search engines.

Writing blogs and articles is a great way to get search engines like Google to recognize you.

So, it is in our best interest to court the search engines when marketing our businesses.




The challenge begins today, May 1st, and ends at 11:59 PM CST on August 8, 2010.

Ezine Articles has made signing up for the challenge a breeze by logging into your member interface.  They’ve written a blog post to guide you through the process.

If you read my previous post about how I did not the make the challenge…how I even fell far short of the goal at 28 articles submitted…you may wonder why I am even trying it again.

Because it is a challenge.

It is challenging me to rise above my current marketing performance and strive to reach a new goal.

This is what growth is all about.

This is what leadership is about.

Step out and enter the race to better yourself.  You are guaranteed to learn something and gain new skills.

You will also be braving new territory that your business associates will want to follow you into.


Believe In your Success, I Do!

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Failure to Achieve a Goal

Here it is, just over 3 months after we all made our New Years Resolutions.


People have historically made goals on January 1st and failed to achieve them.  It is almost a given and widely joked about.


When we are in business for ourselves, particularly if we are running a small home based business, we often set goals for ourselves throughout the year.

Our goals include personal and business growth.

It is our intention that we achieve all of our goals.  We are a community of success driven dreamers who fully intend to reach those dreams.


There are those times that we do not reach our goals.

I have just experienced one of those times.

A few months ago I made the commitment to enter the Ezine Articles 100 articles in 100 days.

I was on a roll, then things changed on the homefront and I  didn’t have the time to continue writing.



I didn’t meet the challenge of 100 articles.


What I did do was write 28 more articles than I had before the challenge. 

Most of those articles are ones I wouldn’t have committed myself to writing had I not been in the challenge.

You see, we are better off when we set goals for ourselves, even if we don’t achieve them.

It gives us a personal challenge to grow and practice success.

If we do not meet our goals, it is important that we look at what we did accomplish.

By setting the bar high, as long as we work to reach that goal, we have achieved the goal of trying.





As everybody knows, there are two groups of people:

1.  People who give lip service to success.
2.  People who push towards meeting goals.



So what is the next step?

Evaluate what you did.  Identify what worked, what didn’t, and what you need to do differently next time.

Then, set a new goal.

It really is that simple.

In the world of teaching it is called Review, Reflect, & Revise.  We must always be doing this to ensure that we are being effective.

Believe in Your Success, I Do!

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Think the Economy is Too Bad For Your Business to be Successful


I saw a bumper sticker this morning that really turned a light on for me.




Think about this for a moment.


Don’t our beliefs in the economy and life in general have some affect on how successful we are?  Or at least on our perception of how successful we are?


I was talking to a lady recently who was interested in starting a home-based business.

She had downloaded my free ebook, Success In 10 Steps, a Network Marketers guide to success in MLM.

She wanted to learn more about the industry before jumping in.  Smart move.

After chatting awhile, she shared her doubts in starting a business right now because of the down turned economy.



She thought the economy was so bad that nobody could afford the products.  Any products from any company.  She just didn’t believe that people had the money to spare.


Ding!  Ding!


My new contact had hit upon a very important belief system that stands in the way of many people becoming successful with their home based businesses.

It is in such contradiction with the fact that the Network Marketing Industry tends to boom during times of financial crisis.

The crucial point to be made here is that a person’s belief is what drives their choices, success, and energies.



We are in charge of our own realities.


You will be successful if you believe you are successful.

You will be successful if you believe that you deserve to be successful.

You will be successful in building your home-based business—whether it’s direct sales or MLM—if you believe the economy is healthy and people can afford your product.


Napoleon Hill reminds us that “Our thoughts are things”.


We can believe our reality into existence, even if it takes just a simple bumper sticker to help us declare it to the world.

You will be successful if you believe in positive thoughts and affirmations and practice them multiple times a day.


Believe in Your Success, I Do!

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When An MLM Dumps Its Distributors

Those of us active in MLM are burning up our keyboards in response to the news that iLearning Global has shut down the MLM part of their business.


Whenever something like this happens, it sends shockwaves through the Network Marketing community.

Hundreds of thousands of people depend on operating a low start up home based business, like those found with a multi level marketing or direct sales business.

We are single mothers, stay at home moms, working dads trying to make ends meet, students, retirees, anybody going after the American Dream.

It is frightening for us when an MLM company shuts down or ends their MLM program.  Overnight thousands of people can lose their checks, whether they were making a couple hundred a month or 10s of thousands a month.


It is tragic for everyone.


Network Marketing is still a sound industry.  There is a lot of money to be made by anyone willing to be educated, coached and committed enough to put forth the effort and time required to succeed. 

Part of the learning curve can be shortened in respect to learning how to evaluate an MLM opportunity.


If you’re in MLM, you need to be willing to treat it like a serious business opportunity.  This means learning skills like the 5 Pillars to Success. 

The 5 Pillars are tools you can use to evaluate the stability of an MLM company. 

  • Learn how hard you will have to work with a company’s pay plan.  Can a part-timer make satisfactory income?
  • Learn what clauses to look for in the Policy and Procedures that do not have the distributor’s’ best interest at heart.
  • Learn what else to look for in the company’s management experience and product.


In just a few short hours, Mentoring For Free will be having a free teleseminar on the 5 Pillars.

For access information for the 9 pm EST call tonight, March 20th, please email .

If you miss the live call, send me an email requesting the link to the recording of the call to .


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Interested in Endless Prequalified Leads??


Recently I have been getting a ton of calls—recorded calls, no less!—offering to sell me endless prequalified leads for my MLM home based business.

They are using web harvesters to pick my phone number and other contact information off of my website.

I don’t mind being called by people.  After all, that is why my number is posted here.

But I do want to talk to real live people and I do not like being pitched.

Believe me, once I hear it is a pitch, I hang up!  If you are a real person calling with a pitch and expect me to return your call, I won’t.


It is best to generate your own leads. 

  1. Network with like minded people who are already interested in MLM. 
  2. Offer something of value for free that will help your contacts in building their businesses.
  3. Build relationships with your network.


Of the people you help, a handful will likely want to join you in your business.

  1. These people know, like, and trust you.
  2. They are motivated and coachable.
  3. You know they will be committed business builders.


This is the essence of
“Work Smarter, Not Harder.”


Build your business with these people and you will have a low attrition rate, a smaller group of people to train and support, and a group of people making good income for themselves and You.

If you think buying leads is a good way to build your business, listen to this recording from my mentor, Michael Dlouhy.

Selling Leads Is a Scam.


Believe In Your Success, I Do!

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Buying Your MLM Leads


Prospecting 102…
the Cold Market Lead Generation Method


The List? I’ll have none of that, thank you! Buy Leads, you say?


So, once I announced to my upline that I refused to call my family and friends for prospecting, I was given two options that involved entering the COLD Leads Market.

These are the other inhabitants of the planet who don’t know you from Adam.

First, I was presented with a list of sources that sold leads. Even prequalified leads!


qualified leads


Oh joy! Here is THE answer! An unending supply of people who actually WANT to talk to me and know about my business! Oh…Really?

I found out in the nick of time the real truth behind buying leads. BEWARE! Before you buy even one lead, or if you’ve bought leads and are getting nowhere, you must understand how these leads are generated and sold…and resold…and resold.

Have you ever been online and been offered a chance to “win” an iPod or computer? All you had to do to be entered into the contest was to fill out a short survey. You might have been asked about making extra cash or something similar.

Since you wanted to be contacted if you won the prize, you didn’t think twice about leaving your name and telephone number. The fine print was so minute and long, you didn’t bother reading it.

If that wasn’t you, there are thousands of people who complete such surveys every day.

This is just one way companies selling leads packages get the leads for you. They are not interested in your home based business opportunity…they just wanted a free computer!


So now what??


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4 Top Tips on How to Get Rich Working From Home


People looking to make some extra income without getting a second job need to know these 4 top tips on how to get rich.

These aren’t hyped up scam based suggestions for stuffing envelopes or sending cash in the mail.  I’m presenting 4 tips the top earners practice and teach for achieving wealth.

To be successful in building your home based business so it will replace your current income, provide for your retirement, and let you go on vacations with your family…


You need to learn these principles:

  1. Training and Mentoring
  2. The Magic of Residual Income
  3. Don’t Quit Your Day Job
  4. Pay Off Your Debt.


It all takes work and determination.
You can read all of the details in my Ezine Article, How To Get Rich Working From Home.


Believe In Your Success, I Do!


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Time Management for the Home-Based Business Entrepreneur… Part 3


The next habit to develop with email has to do with your business correspondence.

How you and your associates write emails is critically important to how you all can efficiently handle your emails.

Following are some guidelines on writing business emails.

1. When selecting your business email, avoid cutesy names like In a group of fifty emails, it is difficult to remember the person who belongs to such an email.
Name brand yourself. You are better off using your name like, or in your email address.
This assures that the recipient will immediately know who you are and is more likely to address your email sooner and not think of it as junk mail.

2. Be specific and clear in your subject line, make it relevant to your topic.

3. Remember to sign your name and include your contact information to the end of your message.

4. Remember that your business associates are as busy as you are and need to keep their time with emails short as well. Keep notes for social niceties and visiting reserved for separate emails, Skype messages, or phone calls. If your upline is particularly busy, that person may have dealings with 100s of people in their organization. Remember to be respectful of that.

5. Keep your communications concise—only a few lines and stick to the facts. This has been a real challenge for me and I’ve needed to practice a lot on this skill….after all, I do love to write!

6. Fix in your mind first, “What is the end result of what I am asking?”, in other words, “What do I want, exactly.” Just ask your question.

7. Remember that your team (your downline) may not have these skills so you need to share with them how you expect emails to be sent to you. Create a document or email draft outlining your expectations.

8. Give them a clear method and time when they can communicate non essential business matters.

9. Tell them if they have a complaint or issue they need help with resolving, they are to send you a one or two line email giving a brief description of the issue and ask you for a time you can discuss it.

10. When asking for your upline’s time on a 3-way call, put “coaching call request” in subject line. In the body of the email, give the days & times your prospective client is available, and time zone. Leave other details for a later briefing with your upline if they so desire.

By keeping your email communications to the point, you will soon notice a huge time savings in this area.

Most people who are building a home business, find the information in this book to be critical to their success…but some don’t.

Wishing You a Lifetime of Success!
Success In 10 Steps

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