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Famous Superstar Endorsement Means Squat in MLM

Oh dear….I feel a need to get on my soapbox, so ya’ll better listen up!

Sometimes I just need to speak up about something I think can cause a lot of grief for my fellow network marketers.




Every time I see someone shouting out about some famous superstar endorsing their MLM company’s product, and how THAT PROVES how wonderful their business opportunity is I just want to scream!




Companies who seek to put their credibility on the value of a famous star’s endorsement are more about hype and distracting prospect’s attention to glitz than the real business opportunity.

My friends, the ONLY WAY to evaluate an MLM business opportunity is to measure it up against the 5 Pillars.


Does the Company Management have Experience and Integrity?

Has the Company passed the “early failure” Time Line?

Is there a Reasonably Priced Remarkable Product?

Compensation Plan & Part-Timers?

Is there a System for Success?


Whenever someone presents me with an opportunity, I always ask for the Contract and Policies and Procedures.




Fully understanding these two documents is where your Network Marketing business is going to be built.


It has absolutely NOTHING to do with Mr. or Ms. Famous Superstar.

They know nothing about how the average network marketer builds a business or networks…it sure isn’t by schmoozing!

Famous endorsers have their Business Agents make these deals for them based on how profitable the deal will be for the Super Star, NOT the network marketers who will be building the business.


Think about it…where do you think the company is getting the money to pay for the endorsement?

Do you think it is going to come out of corporate’s budget or out of the pay plan?


OK, I’m climbing down now.

Believe In Your Success, I Do!


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