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Famous Superstar Endorsement Means Squat in MLM

Oh dear….I feel a need to get on my soapbox, so ya’ll better listen up!

Sometimes I just need to speak up about something I think can cause a lot of grief for my fellow network marketers.




Every time I see someone shouting out about some famous superstar endorsing their MLM company’s product, and how THAT PROVES how wonderful their business opportunity is I just want to scream!




Companies who seek to put their credibility on the value of a famous star’s endorsement are more about hype and distracting prospect’s attention to glitz than the real business opportunity.

My friends, the ONLY WAY to evaluate an MLM business opportunity is to measure it up against the 5 Pillars.


Does the Company Management have Experience and Integrity?

Has the Company passed the “early failure” Time Line?

Is there a Reasonably Priced Remarkable Product?

Compensation Plan & Part-Timers?

Is there a System for Success?


Whenever someone presents me with an opportunity, I always ask for the Contract and Policies and Procedures.




Fully understanding these two documents is where your Network Marketing business is going to be built.


It has absolutely NOTHING to do with Mr. or Ms. Famous Superstar.

They know nothing about how the average network marketer builds a business or networks…it sure isn’t by schmoozing!

Famous endorsers have their Business Agents make these deals for them based on how profitable the deal will be for the Super Star, NOT the network marketers who will be building the business.


Think about it…where do you think the company is getting the money to pay for the endorsement?

Do you think it is going to come out of corporate’s budget or out of the pay plan?


OK, I’m climbing down now.

Believe In Your Success, I Do!


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When An MLM Dumps Its Distributors

Those of us active in MLM are burning up our keyboards in response to the news that iLearning Global has shut down the MLM part of their business.


Whenever something like this happens, it sends shockwaves through the Network Marketing community.

Hundreds of thousands of people depend on operating a low start up home based business, like those found with a multi level marketing or direct sales business.

We are single mothers, stay at home moms, working dads trying to make ends meet, students, retirees, anybody going after the American Dream.

It is frightening for us when an MLM company shuts down or ends their MLM program.  Overnight thousands of people can lose their checks, whether they were making a couple hundred a month or 10s of thousands a month.


It is tragic for everyone.


Network Marketing is still a sound industry.  There is a lot of money to be made by anyone willing to be educated, coached and committed enough to put forth the effort and time required to succeed. 

Part of the learning curve can be shortened in respect to learning how to evaluate an MLM opportunity.


If you’re in MLM, you need to be willing to treat it like a serious business opportunity.  This means learning skills like the 5 Pillars to Success. 

The 5 Pillars are tools you can use to evaluate the stability of an MLM company. 

  • Learn how hard you will have to work with a company’s pay plan.  Can a part-timer make satisfactory income?
  • Learn what clauses to look for in the Policy and Procedures that do not have the distributor’s’ best interest at heart.
  • Learn what else to look for in the company’s management experience and product.


In just a few short hours, Mentoring For Free will be having a free teleseminar on the 5 Pillars.

For access information for the 9 pm EST call tonight, March 20th, please email .

If you miss the live call, send me an email requesting the link to the recording of the call to .


Believe in Your Success, I Do!

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Your MLM company’s management, experience, and integrity


Everybody knows you cannot have success without integrity.

Everyone expects that their MLM company’s management personnel have experience in the Network Marketing industry.

Everybody in an MLM company trusts that the management of the company’s business practices is solid and in the best interest of its distributors.

Most people have blind faith.  They assume since the company has a snazzy website with flashy banner ads, it must meet all of these criteria.

Looks can be deceiving.




Take for instance a woman, Sally, who has to walk a couple of blocks through the snow to get to work.  Sally really looks forward to stopping at a local cafe for some hot coffee and a fresh pastry.

There happens to be two cafes located on opposite corners.  To save time, Sally likes to stop at the cafe on the side of the street she is walking on…makes sense.

Every time she has gone into Cafe A, there is never fresh coffee, the pastry case is just about empty, and the waitress is usually out back on a 10 minute smoke break.  Sheesh! 

After a few disappointing times at Cafe A, Sally decided to take some extra time out of her morning and cross the street to Cafe B.

To Sally’s delight, whenever she goes into Cafe B, she is greeting warmly by the waitress and promptly served fresh, hot coffee.  Sally also enjoys a fine assortment of baked goods prepared just that morning.

Both Cafes look alike, serve the same menus, and charge the same amount of money.

So what’s different?

The management, experience and integrity of the Cafe owners.

Who is going to stay in business the longest?  Which cafe has the best interests of its customers and waitresses in mind?

Most people instinctively know what to look for in a good Cafe.  They know which of these two Cafes they would patronize.

But not everyone is so certain of their company’s management, experience and integrity.

It’s a tough question to ask yourself.  It is also imperative that you have the right answer.

Do you have a system for evaluating your MLM company?  I do.

Wishing You the Success of a Lifetime!

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