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Like most of us working an MLM home-based business, I am always looking for business ideas and time management tips.

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I subscribe to a few e-newsletters from people in the industry.  One of them is from MLMWoman.

In her recent newsletter, Linda Locke shared a time management “quick tip” for busy MLM business women.

“  Take ten minutes break. Right now. Plan your day on paper. Make
yourself a list of everything you would like to achieve today. That’s
right, everything.

Now, get two colored highlighter pens and mark all the tasks that
will take more than half an hour, and all those that will take less.

Set your own priorities for the jobs, but make sure you complete at
least two short ones for every long one.

For every long job crossed off the list or two short ones, give
yourself a small reward
. A five minute break, a square of chocolate, a
cup of coffee. You choose.

Now watch as your busy schedule starts to make more sense.

Welcome to the wonderful world of time management.”

How’s that for a fantastic, simple to do, quick time management tip?

I’m going to take my break right now and make my list!

Your Friend and Mentor,


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