MLM Frustration Busters – What’s Your Best First Sentence?

Saturday Morning Skills Webinar

Have you been to a Tom Big Al Workshop yet?


Forget the close, forget the presentation!

If your first sentence doesn’t grab their attention, you’re pretty much dead.

  • What’s your best first sentence to introduce your product?
  • What’s your best first sentence to talk to prospects?
  • What’s your best first sentence to start your presentation?

If your answer to any of these was “Oh, I don’t know … “then you’ve got a problem, right?

You can fix that problem right now by learning the technology of first sentences.

One of the many skills Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter teaches us in ‘Super Sponsoring with Big Al‘ is how to create better
first sentences that appeal to your prospects.

Listen to Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter describe how you can make the most of those very important first thirty seconds …
Tom’s First Sentences

You’ll want to join us and hear Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter teach this powerful skill in “Super Sponsoring with Big Al!”

Saturday March 31
12:55 pm ET

Register for the interactive webinar “Super Sponsoring with Big Al Part 1!”
For access information, send off an email to
Please be sure to mention Karen Miller as your inviter.

Saturday Evening Skills Tele-Seminar

Saturdays we have 2 amazing training sessions.  The first teleseminar addresses MLM basic know-how so You learn to Know How you can make the money you’ve planned on with your company.  The second is a personal, fireside chat on personal development topics.

Business Models Drive the Behavior in the Field

March 31th
8:55 pm ET

Some people start marketing their Network Marketing business with totally generic methods.

Some people get really frustrated when “one size fits all” marketing doesn’t bring a check to their mailboxes.

Some people have discovered that by reading and understanding their Compensation Plan, they find out what kind of Business Model their company has, and start marketing according to what behavior their company pays them for.

To unravel this mystery, simply send an email to


Saturday Coaches Corner Call

Personal Development is one of the Cornerstones of developing yourself as a business leader.  This call is unique in that You can have an intimate chat with a small group of fellow, like-minded network marketers on the week’s Mental Cleanse lessons.

March 31st
10:30 pm ET


Special Friday Webinar

MLM Skills Anyone Can Master

A weekly series on learning & achieving success in Multi-Level Marketing through the application of easily learned SKILLS-

-This week we will teach you HOW to SHARE your Business Opportunity in ONE MINUTE—60 Seconds!!….I dare you to come & join us!

My good friend and fellow mentor, Matt Geib, will be hosting this webinar.
March 30th
5:30 pm PT (different time zone than the MFF trainings above.)

Please Register Here.


I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

Any questions, please call!  1.541.484.5455 PT

Your Friend and Mentor,
Karen Miller
Skype me!  karen.j.miller


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