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So What is Mentoring For Free all about anyway?


Proven Fact:

Everybody knows in order to succeed in any business you need to learn a specific skill set.

Yet, usually when you join, they tell you that you don’t need to know anything…”Just sign up and you’ll be rich.”


If you’re like me,
you’re wondering if it’s so easy, why is there a 95% failure rate in MLM??


When I joined my first MLM company, I was told to make a list of 100 of my friends and family members.

The top producer in my upline said she moved all her $5000 in inventory in just 6 weeks…”Sitting at my kitchen table, with my two babies by my side.”

What parent wouldn’t want to go after that image!?!

So, I did everything I was told.


After a little while, I found myself in the N.F.L. (no friends left!).
I found myself involved with a company that didn’t have a clue how to train their distributors to be successful in today’s market and with today’s technology.

I was miserable and I felt like a total failure.
Then I learned something from a friend.


The best formula for success in Network Marketing is to
find a Mentor
you can relate to with a proven, duplicatable system.



What exactly is a “proven, duplicatable system”?


  1. There is training offered by fellow network marketers who are currently building successful businesses. They teach the methods they are using now.
  2. There is a lead generation component that is easy for a newcomer to put into action and get results quickly.
  3. The system uses low or no cost methods for finding targeted leads…people who actually want to talk to you about your business.
  4. There is real human being support focusing on your personal development. This human being is your Mentor. Your guide through the vast journey of becoming a business owner. Your Mentor knows and will teach you that the key to your success is your personal development and growth.


I am involved with such a
proven, duplicatable system.
It is Mentoring For Free.


Some systems and companies appeal to a person’s greed, envy, pride, or fear.


At Mentoring For Free, we appeal to a person’s desire to learn the skills needed to succeed.


And in return, have a desire to help others learn, succeed, and not get scammed.

It is quite obvious that our ultimate objective with Mentoring For Free is to generate potential leads for our own businesses.

What is unique about our system is that it focuses on building long term relationships and exchanging information. 
Not in twisting anybody’s arm to join a company.



We want to develop strong leaders who are critical thinkers and can make informed decisions on their own.


We accomplish this by offering generic training where no companies or products are mentioned.

This way anyone from any company can get the training they need without fear of being “pitched”.

We respect the relationship you have with your current company.


When you download and read our free resource, Success in 10 Steps, you’ll see the value in what we teach
…at no cost to you…
before you are halfway through the ebook.


Click here to download my free ebook
so we can get started building your road to success!


Thanks for looking!
Wishing You The Success of a Lifetime!
TeamWork Makes The Dreams Work!

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